Jupiter is looking for a home

Here is Jupiter. He is one of the love warriors. He was exposed in my most recent exhibit ” YOUR POWER”. Now he is looking for a home to be adored by and to bring calm, certainty and inspiration to its new owner.

And he will remind you, that you have your inner power and knowing, that you are perfect as you are and fully capable of being you.


Here Jupiter, in evening light.






Here he is in natural day light and his size is A1 ( 594 x 841 mm).


He is ready framed. If you want him without frame, it`s possible too. Please contact us at alfredssonhelsinki@gmail.com if you want to give him a new warm home, he won´t disappoint you 😉 !

Now if you want him to be yours the price is 275 €  ( norm. 324 €)  He is ready framed and free shipping/delivery to your home (only in Finland).

And if you want him without frame the price is 265 € ( norm. 304 € ) can be shipped/delivered anywhere in the world. A shipping/delivery fee will be charged, depending on where he goes.


Have a great evening!

Alfredsson Helsinki




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