THAT´S AROMI – Natural wellbeing from Liguria

I was recently in Italy to celebrate my mom´s birthday. It has been a precious time, so rich of good moments in the great company of family and friends.

I had the pleasure to meet some interesting people too, thanks to That´s Aromi, a two-days event in the streets of Celle Ligure, Piani area, all about gardening and aromatherapy.

I have recently approached essential oils and they work very well. It is good to know that nature always provides us with the best solutions. In this two-parts video, Daniela Montina, from Vivai Montina and Simonetta Chiarugi, blogger at ABOUT GARDEN and author of the book Buon Gardening, tell us about the infinite possibilities of healing plants offer us. All about Lavanda, the real one, that grows on the hills of Imperia, essential oils and hydrolats, which we can produce at home!


Don´t forget to check out also Sorelle Cugge´s homepage!








  1. aboutgarden says:

    Grazie di aver condiviso alcuni momenti di Tht’sAromi 2015!

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  2. aboutgarden says:

    ops… That’s Aromi

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